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P.O. Box 290122, Port Orange, Florida 32129 (386) 756-4733
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Motorcycle Training
P.O. Box 290122,Port Orange, Florida
(386) 756-4733

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Welcome to Course Requirements - Information Motorcycle Training - School.

Florida motorcycle training school - classes available - s classes

Volusia Motorcycle Training wants you to pass and we want you to ride safe!
Call Today - (386) 756-4733

We'll beat any local price!!!

Daytona / Volusia Motorcycle Training Florida. Volusia Motorcycle Training Motorcycle Rider Coaches are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. You'll start you off with straight line riding, turning, shifting and stopping and gradually progress to cornering, swerving and emergency braking. The Friendliest Motorcycle school in Florida!!!

In the classroom you'll learn about the different types of motorcycles, the controls, and how they operate. Daytona Florida Motorcycle Training Rider Coaches are experienced motorcyclists, some retired Law Enforcement. They will recommend what to wear for comfort and protection. Learn the effects of alcohol and other drugs on your ability to ride safely. We will teach you how to develop a safe strategy for riding, and dealing with perilous situations. The course includes with a knowledge test and skill evaluation

Bring your own motorcycle or scooter to the Basic Rider Course? - Yes, call  (386) 756-4733 for details -
you can bring your own motorcycle or scooter to ride during the range portion of the basic rider's course. You do have to find a way to get it here, and it must have a seat height under 30", weigh under 400 lbs, insurance and under 500cc's (ANY of the 2 criteria ) -  You are required to have insurance and a the scooter or motorcycle will be inspected prior to being allowed on the range.

Take it from a pro. "Volusia Motorcycle Training is the best MSF course I've ever been associated with. I highly recommend taking the MSF course, with Volusia Motorcycle Training.
The support they offer students, and the RiderCoaches / instructors are outstanding,  friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable. 

My opinion, Volusia Motorcycle training is the first choice if you're looking for motorcycle training in Central Florida.

POPD & Volusia County Deputies are trained by us!
Many of our  RiderCoaches are are ex-motormen


Florida Basic Rider Course topics covered

  • An Introduction to motorcycling
  • Protective Motorcycle gear and clothing
  • Motorcycle Controls
  • How to do a Pre-ride motorcycle inspection   
  • Strategies to avoid trouble and stay safe
  • Riding impairments
  • Maneuvering a motorcycle
  • Obstacle avoidance techniques
  • Lane change methods
  • Safe Passing
  • Riding at night
  • Collision avoidance skills
  • Swerving
  • Safety for Special situations
  • Carrying a passenger and cargo
  • Dealing with tire failure
  • Dealing with animals
  • And many safety topics



The Florida Basic Rider Course curriculum is designed to teach beginning motorcyclists of all ages, the physical and intellectual skills needed to ride a motorcycle or scooter safely on the street. The course includes basic motorcycle operation, maximum effective braking techniques, turning skills, and obstacle avoidance maneuvers. There are 5 hours of classroom instruction and ten hours of  (actual riding) motorcycle training. Daytona Motorcycle Training Rider Coaches are experienced motorcycle operators and nationally certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Daytona Motorcycle Training will provide students with course handbooks, helmet, and motorcycles. The students must come dressed in a long sleeved shirt or jacket, long pants, over the ankle protective footwear and full finger gloves. Once the course has been successfully completed, graduates are exempt from further motorcycle testing at the Division of Driver Licenses Office. Graduates may also be entitled to insurance premium discounts through participating

What do you need for the class?

1. Helmet - Your own helmet is acceptable provided that it is has DOT certification, but will be inspected by the RiderCoaches to ensure they meet DOT standards.  They must be in serviceable condition.

2. Eye protection - Face shield, goggles sun glasses, or prescription glasses may be worn.

3. Full Fingered Gloves - Any gloves that cover the entire hand and fingers, such as motorcycle gloves, garden or mechanics gloves.

4. Long Pants - Jeans or leather full length long pants, with no holes.

5. Long Sleeve Shirt - Any long sleeve shirt or jacket..

6. Over the angle Footwear- Boots are preferred, but any sturdy over the ankle footwear is acceptable.  Thin canvas shoes are not acceptable.


Florida motorcycle training school - classes available - s classes

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daytona motorcycle class motorcycle training school - classes available - cheapest classes

Motorcycle school - learn to ride - pay by credit card
Find out what you need to bring to get your license! Motorcycle Safety Foundation

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Earn your motorcycle or trike endorsement and motorcycle license with us in our motorcycle classes! We also offer trike classes and scooter classes to earn your endorsement to ride whatever type of motorcycle you choose. We provide the scooter or motorcycle, and all helmets, books, and tests are included. 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