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Welcome to Basic Rider Course for Women - Florida's  friendliest Motorcycle Training - School.

motorcycle training for women - female friendly motorcycle trainingBoth men and women Excel at Florida's finest Basic Rider Course. We're a female friendly motorcycle training school. We're Female friendly. Roar of Daytona recommends Volusia Motorcycle Training, because they're the friendliest motorcycle training school in Florida..

 If you are a woman and thinking about motorcycle Training, there are really no obstacles. Women are equal in most areas, physically women tend to be smaller, but approximately 18 percent of motorcycle riders are women. You can do it, we can help. Confidence plays a big part of learning to ride motorcycle safely. We provide confidence and the knowledge crucial to building your skills. It's also nice to see a smile on your ridercoach's face while you're interacting. Yes, we smile, you will too.

33 percent 1/3 of Basic Rider Course students are female.

"the number of women motorcycle riders is increasing at a higher rate than the number of male riders - 28 percent versus 7 percent" ...... Department of Transportation

Want to learn to ride? Call today - (386) 756-4733
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Women's Harley Parade Daytona Beach - 300 Women Harley Riders parade during Bikeweek Daytona Beach.

Women Motorcyclist photos and images - Women riders come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. - Sorry guys this isn't a biker babe gallery
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Women are turning more and more towards sport bikes. Why sport bikes? Dealers across the country when surveyed responded that their women customers women buyers seemed to be interested in speed, the motorcycle's weight, overall look, and comfort and fit.

Don't fall into the "Women's Bike" trap. Pick a motorcycle that fits your riding style.

Let's face it you don't buy motorcycles because they are practical. Do you really think about fuel economy first, when you think motorcycle? They're fun and they fit the image you have of yourself or the image you want to have. Save the fuel economy and freedom of the open road speech for non-motorcycle owners. So what is the number one reason women and men ride a motorcycle? Pleasure.

When you pick a motorcycle pick the one you like, one that fits, one you like the look and feel of. Find something that gives you pleasure. That's what it's about. Visit some women's motorcycle forums learn from them. Ask questions.

Motorcycles women choose to ride (top 10) - learn to ride
  1. Harley Davidson Sportster
  2. Honda Shadow
  3. Yamaha V-Star
  4. Harley Davidson Softail
  5. Kawasaki Vulcan
  6. Kawasaki Ninja
  7. Suzuki Boulevard
  8. Honda Rebel
  9. Honda CBR600RR
  10. Harley Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy
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