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The Basic Rider Course is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the entry-level rider to learn the basic skills and road strategies necessary to become a proficient and safe motorcyclist.

It is also a great course for the re-entry rider to sharpen rusty skills. Central Florida's finest Motorcycle Training certified Rider Coaches certified by Motorcycle Safety Foundation  provide each student with a learning experience that facilitates development of the riding skills and knowledge needed to ride on public roads regardless of age.

Today, more and more middle-aged and senior riders are taking to the road. Older motorcycle riders are increasing rapidly and are driving the death rate upwards. 46 percent of motorcycle fatalities were riders 40 and over, an increase of 21 percent since 1993, -  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Florida motorcycle training school - classes available - s classesMotorcycle operation is a task that involves visual and perceptual functions, cognitive, attention capabilities, and motor dexterity. Addressed with the acronym of S.E.E., which means Search, Evaluate, and Execute. SEE is a assessment making process to maintain a safety margin of space. all riders have got to search for potential crash factors, evaluate the level of risk, and execute a smooth, controlled responses to avoid injury in emergency situations. Mature riders should be particularly aware of the effects of aging and develop skills to overcome these limitations. The basic Rider course provides clear insights and methods to counter these obstacles

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Aging affects on mature motorcycle operators:
  • Visual clarity diminishes
  • Night vision diminished
  • Peripheral vision diminishes
  • Hearing diminishes
  • Medications affect performance
  • Space and distance are misjudged more frequently
  • Muscles are weaker
  • Endurance is diminished Reaction time slows
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